October 7, 2016, by Wan Yong Ho

Graduation Ceremony in Nottingham and Malaysia Campus

This year I have the privilege to attend both graduation ceremony at Nottingham Campus and the Malaysia Campus for our second batch of Biomedical Sciences (BMS) students. There were two Transfer students attending the UK graduation while the rest attended graduation in Malaysia. Dr Mustafa Al-Shagga and myself attended as part of the academic procession for the UK graduation ceremony which was held on 12 July at 1pm. The annual event in the UK is usually held at the large Sports Centre, however, due to ongoing renovation works at the Sports Centre, the 2016 graduation ceremony was held in the smaller but cozy East Midlands Conference Centre. The highlight of the short but intimate ceremony was definitely when we heard the names of our graduating BMS students being called out, as they went up to the stage to receive their scroll our heart swelled with pride. After the ceremony, we manage to take pictures with Yasmeen Zailan and Candice (Yap Yi Tian). Their parents were very proud that their university lecturer came and join their children’s graduation.

2016 BMS graduation (UK)

Dr Then and Dr Mustafa celebrating the graduation of Yasmeen and Candice from the BMS transfer programme, in East Midlands Conference Centre Nottingham, UK.


Back in Malaysia, the graduation ceremony for the BMS students were slotted on the 23 July at Putrajaya International Convention Centre. The department held a prize giving ceremony for the graduating students before the graduation ceremony. Prof Dr Ian McDonald, our UK sister Head of School of Life Sciences gave the best student prize to Le Viet Hang, the best thesis award to Prena Singh, best biomed professional prize to Ling Sii Gii. The three of us joined in the academic procession, Prof Ting Dr Pan Yan and myself. Dr Pan Yan and myself were dressed in our PGCHE gown as we also received our PGCHE certificate from the Pro-Vice-Chancellor/ Provost, Prof Christine Ennew. We felt very honored to have taught the graduating BMS students as their names were being called out and one by one they went up to receive their scroll from Prof Christine.

2016 Malaysia graduation prize giving

Le Viet Hang (third from left) and Prena Singh (fourth from left), the proud winners of best student prize and the best thesis award for BMS programme year 2016.

It was an exciting journey to witness our students graduated in both ceremonies, in the UK and in Malaysia. Our best wishes to our graduates, now part of the University of Nottingham Alumni.


Article by: Assoc. Prof. Dr Then Sue-Mian (BMS academic)

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