August 4, 2017, by Wan Yong Ho

Biomedical Sciences – class of 2017 graduation

Congratulations to our class of 2017 graduates! This marks the Department’s third cohort to successfully emerge as future scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs and educators. The ceremony held at the Great hall at UNMC saw all 25 students joining us in 2014 graduate, witnessed by their family and friends, and equally glad lecturers on the 22nd July 2017.

In conjunction with the graduation ceremony, an annual prize giving ceremony was also held by the department to celebrate the success of students in various aspects  throughout their study in BMS. The prizes are granted by School of Life Sciences, UNUK and Department of Biomedical Sciences. Three prizes were given out:

  1. The Best Overall Performance – to student that achieved best performance across 3 years of undergraduate study.
  2. The Best Research Project – to student that achieved highest overall marks in final year research project.
  3. The Best Professional Skill – to student that achieved highest marks in modules related to professional skills in Biomedical Sciences.

This year, Melanie Cheong I-Lyng turns out to be the proud winner of all three prizes. Her achievement is unprecedented and is undoubtedly well deserved, she says “I was – and still am – rather taken aback by the recognition I received from the department. I honestly thought that I’d only get one of them since no one had ever won all 3 prizes! However, it was a delightful and much appreciated recognition. But if I could do it, you could do it too! This 3-year journey had not always smooth sailing, there were times where I felt demotivated or worse, unsure if this was what I wanted. I find it very useful to just relax and take my mind off whatever that is troubling me at that moment: take a nap, work down a snack bar and do whatever that cheers you up! Then get back to the problem. We are all aware that Biomedical Sciences is hard, but do not let your university life be all about academics. Do not fret too much about exams, just make sure you complete all of the past year questions and you will be fine. Most importantly, love what you are doing!”

Melanie (middle) receiving the Best Overall Achiever Award from Prof. Ian MacDonald, the Head of School of Life Sciences, UNUK (right), joined by Prof. Ting Kang Nee, head of Department of Biomedical Sciences, UNMC (left).

Indeed, we have witnessed a tough competition against the awards within the many high achievers in this cohort.  This year, 6 students graduated with 1st class Hons degrees and we are also delighted that 16 of our graduates received the Nottingham Advantage Award (NAA) which makes us the highest number of graduates to receive the NAA amongst all programmes in the Faculty of Science. Completing a NAA reflects the well-rounded professionals they have become during their 3 years with us. Well done to all!

The fresh graduates and academics from Biomedical Sciences


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