August 14, 2017, by Wan Yong Ho

3rd Annual Biomedical Sciences (BMS) Postgraduate Research Symposium

The Biomedical Sciences (BMS) Postgraduate Research Symposium is an annual event organized by the Department of Biomedical Sciences to provide a platform for academics and postgraduate (PG) students to exchange views and discuss about latest research findings.

The theme of this year was “Embracing Life Sciences” and we were honoured to have Professor Ian MacDonald, the head of the School of Life Sciences, UNUK, and Associate Professor Kanthi from the Faculty of Medicine, University Malaya, to be our guest speakers and judges for the poster presentation competition. Another judge for the poster presentation competition was Professor Sandy Loh from the School of Biosciences.

Prof Ian MacDonald giving his talk on the development, treatment and implication for health of obesity

The event sees participation by academics, PG and UG students from Department of Biomedical Sciences, School of Pharmacy and School of Biosciences.











During the keynote lecture sessions, Prof Ian discussed about “Obesity – Development, Treatment and its Implications for Health” while Assoc Prof. Kanthi discussed about the roles of different natural products as potential anti-cancer and anti-obesity agents. Many interesting topics were raised during the sessions and it was believed that the talks enlightened and encouraged young scientists to carry out more breakthrough research in the field of life sciences. Four 3rd year BMS PG students took part in the oral presentation and many critical questions were raised and discussed during the session.

3rd year PG student Lee Mei Kee presenting about her project on airway smooth muscles.

Year 3 PG student Ch’ng Qin Ting sharing about her research findings in gamma tocotrienols.












A total of 10 PG students from the schools of BMS, Biosciences and Pharmacy, participated in the poster presentation and their topics included latest findings on cancer, asthma, metabolic and vascular disease-related research. Mr. Wai Jing Luen from the School of Pharmacy won the best poster presentation award.

Year 2 PG student Nguyen Diem elaborating about her research to Prof. Ian.

2nd year PG student Anusha Nawoor presenting her poster to the panel of judges.









Wai Jing Luen from School of Pharmacy receiving the prize for Best Poster Award from Prof. Ting.


Last but not least, the Department of Biomedical Sciences and the organizing committee would like to thank all the  for their support towards the 3rd Annual BMS PG Research Symposium. See you guys next year!

BMS academics at the exhibition booth.

Students learn about various cutting edge research equipment at the exhibition booth.









Article by: Chong Zhi Xiong (BMS Year 2 student)

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