May 29, 2018, by Alice Kong

“Night of The Stars” Staff Oscar Awards 2018

It was that time of the year again where students, staff and lecturers were all invited to attend the “Night of The Stars”, an annual ball organised by the Student’s Association (SA) at The Westin Kuala Lumpur on the 6th of April 2018. Ballgoers were dressed in their best suits and donned their best accessories — it was a star-studded night indeed!

Of course, the glitz and glam-filled evening could not have been complete without awards presented to the most deserving lecturers. This year, staff from the Department of Biomedical Sciences bagged a whopping six nominations for the 2018 Staff Oscar Awards. Below is a list of the award nominees from the department:

Most High-Tech Lecturer: Dr Kan Mun Seng, Dr Mustafa Al-Shagga

Best Lecturer for Academic Feedback: Dr Pan Yan

Most Inspiring Lecturer: Dr Pung Yuh-Fen

Best All-Rounder Lecturer: Prof Ting Kang-Nee

Best Personal Tutor: Dr Alice Cin Kong

Best School: Department of Biomedical Sciences

Nominations were sent in by students via a link disseminated by the SA Education Officer, Imsa Shakir, approximately two weeks before the ball and just one week prior, the list of nominees were finalised and sent out to all students again to vote. The winners from each respective category was announced on the night of the ball.

Much to our delight, the winners for Most High-Tech Lecturer and Best Personal Tutor were Dr Mustafa Al-Shagga and Dr Alice Cin Kong respectively!

Dr Alice Cin Kong (Left) and Dr Mustafa Al-Shagga (Right) both holding their well-deserved awards!

This marks the first time that any staff has won any Oscar awards and what’s even more amazing is that it wasn’t just one award, but two! The winners of these awards had some things to say, here goes:

Dr Mustafa – Winner of the Most High-Tech Lecturer

“The Most High-Tech Lecturer award is an unexpected award, especially for a lecturer in Biomedical Sciences. It goes to show that BMS students are very supportive of their lecturers to be nominated in these categories. What a great honour it is to teach such students. Appreciate it & thank you all!”

Dr Alice – Winner of the Best Personal Tutor

“Being nominated was already a surprise, winning this award was completely unexpected. Thanks to all our wonderful students who’ve made this possible. Thank you for trusting me to guide you through your learning. It certainly has its ups and downs but I appreciate your patience. Thank you for the recognition, teaching you has always been a pleasure!”

An up close and personal shot of their awards. Dr Alice won the Best Personal Tutor category and Dr Mustafa the Most High-Tech Lecturer.

Some of the third year students attended the ball and could not have been any prouder when the winners were announced as they genuinely felt that Dr Mustafa and Dr Alice were indeed deserving of the awards. It truly was a night to remember!


Article by: Vania Teoh Swee Imm (BMS Year 3 student)

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