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Our Silent Heroes

On Saturday, 3 January 2015, a group of staff and students travelled to Pahang to deliver our donations and to help support those affected by the floods. We spoke to one of the main leads, Rozana from Admissions office, and she shared what inspired her and her experience.

A mission to help flood victims

I was heartbroken by the tremendous misery suffered by the flood victims which I saw on mass media and social media. The expressions of those who did not have food, drinks, and had lost contact with the outside world haunted me; as did the faces of those who had drowned. I wondered how I could help them. Then I heard that Wan Nur Hidayah, my best friend and a former lab technician from FOE, was organising with the MRC & RMC motor bikers, to go on a one day ride to Kerdau and Kuala Krau in Pahang to help flood victims on 3 January 2015. I immediately volunteered to join them.

UNMC supported this mission by donating their collection for the flood victims, which was organised by Ilham from the IT Support Office. UNMC also sponsored the use of one of their vans to carry more items. Seven UNMC staff and two PhD students also participated in this mission with the MRC & RMC Bikers team.

Although UNMC staff and MRC & RMC Bikers did not know each other at first, the teamwork was excellent. We helped the flood victims to carry out their furniture etc from their houses and cleaned up the mud inside their houses. It wasn’t easy as there was no water supply and electricity. We also gave them some food and clothes.

After the success of the first mission, I’m planning for a second mission with the MRC & RMC Bikers team, which will take place on 10 January 2015. We will clean the secondary school, SRA At-Taqwa Temerloh, Pahang, which was completely destroyed during the floods. They require considerable funds for equipment for cleaning, carpentry tools and other building supplies, as well as school materials for the children at SRA At-Taqwa. I hope that many volunteers will join or donate towards this school.

We are looking for donations of:

  1.  Cash (please email unim.csr@nottingham.edu.my for donations via payroll and for cash, please contact Rozana or Ilham )
  2.  School items (esp stationery) (please leave in the guest sitting area near to the main entrance of Trent building before the end of the day on Friday)
  3. Time – would you like to join the team and help with the clean-up (please contact Rozana)

Rozana Hasni Binti Matasrip, UNMC

Below are some of the pictures taken during our first mission, as well as the condition of the SRA At-Taqwa. School is starting soon so help is urgently needed.

Houses in Kuala Krau

Kuala Krau 5 Kuala Krau 2



Team UNMC and MRC & RMC BikersKerdau 3


SRA At-Taqwa School

SRA At-Taqwa 2 SRA At-Taqwa 3

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