April 27, 2015, by Communications

A warm welcome to Mohd Jamel Mustafa, Security Manager

Broga and I go back a long way. As a veteran of the Malaysian Armed Forces, I had served in the military for almost 30 years with vast experiences in military operations and management; where in the 1980s, my team and I used to conduct special operations at the height of the counterinsurgency activities which covered this area, to as far as the border of Negeri Sembilan. I never thought I’d return here once again after all these years, but life is interesting like that.

I graduated from Royal Military College in 1980 and since then I served in various ranks; from Platoon Commander to commanding an infantry battalion, also as a staff officer at Infantry Division and Ministry of Defence. Internationally, I had served as United Nations Military Observer in West Africa-Sierra Leone, and later at the Strategic Military Cell-United Nations Headquarters in New York. I have since furthered my studies as a graduate of the Malaysian Defence College and Master in Art (Defence & Security studies) from UKM.

Personally, I am married with two grown sons. I love to travel and discover new places during the weekends with my family. Once in a while, I meet up with old friends for a game of golf which I have missed dearly since leaving the military.

Prior to joining UNMC, I had worked at several corporate organisations. I had come upon UNMC by chance and after weighing my options, I felt that UNMC would provide the new experience and environment I was looking for. The first few months have been challenging, as I dealt with all kids of issues, from which I have learned a great deal. It is my sincere hope that I will continue to do well in time to come.


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