Rebuilding Nepal

June 10, 2015, by Communications

Rebuilding Nepal – Donation Update

Namaste! (A customary greetings in Nepal)

Some update on this donation drive.

The bake and food sale that took place on 13th May was a success with many staff and students who have generously donated food and supported the event. A total of RM1,682 was raised. Many thanks to Carol for organising this event.

The total donation that we have collected from students, colleagues and friends was RM22,976 (see attached receipt from the Foundation). At least 45 families in the Gorkha region will receive some aids from your generous donation. After the earthquake, many live in tents and some have now started to rebuild part of their house. Money has been allocated to buy corrugated iron sheets (currently Nepal’s most wanted commodity) as temporary roofing for families to prepare for the raining season that starts in June and lasts until end August. It is hope that when these villagers start to rebuild their houses they will be able to use these iron sheets as their permanent roofs (see attached photos).

Until today, Nepal is still experiencing aftershocks. After the first major earthquake (25th April) , many houses and buildings including schools are destroyed but there were still some buildings that were still standing with only superficial cracks. However, many of these ‘weakened’ buildings collapsed following the second earthquake on the 12th May. In the USA Today it was reported that more than 32,000 classrooms were destroyed. Schools in Nepal resumed on 31 May but most classrooms are outdoors, sheltered under tarpaulins and in temporary shelter (see attached photos of a school in Gorkha).

Some of the money that we raised has also been used to provide materials (white boards, marker pens and materials for making cupboards) to support for the resuming of the Sree Rameshwary Secondary School in Bungkot (Gorkha). This school serves over 700 families in the surrounding villages. There are 350 students from grade 1 to 10 with 14 teachers in this school. At least 6 classrooms were totally destroyed and other facilities such as library, science and computer labs have been written off. It will take years to return to normalcy for this school without additional support from external help. This is the vision for #rebuildingnepal.

Many thanks for all your support and generous donation. Your help has touched many Nepali lives.

Best wishes, Kang Nee

Rebuilding Nepal


New school building after the earthquake


School children


School children


Students at their school premises


Donations receipt


Editorial notes:

Dr Ting initiated the Climb for Life 2 by climbing the Himalayan peak in aid of preschoolers on 13 – 23 April, 2015 to raise RM35,000.

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Rebuilding Nepal


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