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15th anniversary throwback list of stories

As the first British university to have a full-fledged international campus, The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC) celebrates its 15th anniversary this year in a land that is truly Asia.  Enriching Lives with Global Education is the theme to commemorate this milestone; which epitomises the university’s commitment in providing an international education experience, while inspiring our students and staff to improve the academic and professional communities they belong to worldwide.

The theme also threads through the University’s continuous and multifaceted initiatives in the areas of student engagement, teaching and learning, research, business engagement and corporate partnerships, community outreach and philanthropy, all of which personify the founding of our institution.

In the spirit of celebrating our 15th birthday, we have received many interesting stories. We hope you will enjoy reading them.

UNMC #Throwback

CEatBusstopSince the launch of the Semenyih campus, UNMC has continued to enrich lives and communities, where our students transform into outstanding alumni and contributing members of the global society, season after season.

In conjunction with UNMC celebrating its 15-year mark (#UNMC15), we would like to take you on a quick walk down memory lane…



A walk on the wild side: drug discovery in Malaysia


Dating back 70 million years, the rainforests of Southeast Asia, and particularly Malaysia, are the oldest surviving equatorial forests in the world and are where the first flowering plants are believed to have originated.

For centuries, the rich biodiversity of Malaysia’s forests have yielded valuable medicines like camphor, spices like pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, benzoin…



Driver-less trains, dancing ‘lions’ and degree processions: my Malaysian memories….


Emeritus Professor Brian Clayton was the second CEO and Vice President of the University of Nottingham in Malaysia.

After many years in the School of Engineering and a four-year term as Pro Vice-Chancellor, he was just two years off retirement when he agreed to take up the post in Kuala Lumpur (KL) in 2001….



Marmite of Malaysia: do you love or hate durian fruit?


In celebration of all things Malaysian, as we approach our 15th anniversary, (and to mark the start of the summer durian season), here are 10 need-to-know facts about this polarising fruit:





Emerging from jungle to a carbon copy of University Park felt quite surreal”: an alum’s Malaysia moments


David Marsden, 29, was among the first six students on the BA Management with East Asia Studies at The University of Nottingham. He spent his second year at the Malaysia campus in Semenyih, in 2005, which was the year it opened its doors for the first time. Now working in Human Resources for Lloyds Bank’s Capital Markets business in London, David shares some reflections on his study abroad experience…




University archives: anniversaries and immortality


Anniversaries, such as the foundation of the Malaysia Campus, remind us how crucial it is to collect photographs, letters, reports and interviews that document milestones in the life of the University.

Here, Sarah Colborne, from Manuscripts and Special Collections, reveals how record keeping at Nottingham has evolved over the decades…



Anniversary in photos: Provost’s early Malaysia memories


Looking back at this photo (above), both Chew Ging and I looked a lot younger (hopefully we’re still recognisable)! It was taken in the year 2000 in the Business and Management section of the Wisma MISC building – our original campus site, at one time a disused office complex in central Kuala Lumpur….




Love and Learning


As A-Level results day fast approaches, a newly-wed couple reveal why their University of Nottingham experience was #meanttobe – not only for the study abroad and career opportunities it afforded them, but also because they fell in love and married as a result….




Malaysia and Britain: united by football and Formula One

Malaysian-grand-prixblogIn this blog post, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of The University of Nottingham in Malaysia, we explore more of the long-standing, and surprising, cultural references and passions that Britain and Malaysia share….





Thanks to our bloggers Edmend Kooh from UNMC and especially Emma Lowry from UON for contributing many of the blog posts you see in this list. We wish to thank everyone who have put in the time to share your stories and photos.



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