March 10, 2017, by darshika

UNMC student stood third at the Asian English Olympics

On 8-13 February 2017, more than 500 students from across Asia flew into Jakarta for the very prestigious tournament called Asian English Olympics. One of our students, Dinesh Jayabalan from the School of English, was one of those who ambitiously took part in the speech contest.

After going through two preliminary rounds, Dinesh managed to get himself into the octo finals round. Being an active member of Toastmasters International, Dinesh has given more than 30 speeches prior to the competition. Hence, he did not face any struggles to get himself a spot in the final round. Out of more than 90 participants who took part in the speech contest, only five made it to the final round.

For the final round, the finalists were asked to prepare and deliver an inspirational speech based on the theme provided to them the night before the competition. The theme given to them was “Make It Happen” and Dinesh decided to speak about a topic that was very close to his heart – Depression.

Dinesh was then crowned as the 2nd runner up of the speech contest. He was not only shocked but at the same time, extremely thankful and grateful for the entire experience. He said:

This was definitely one of the best moments in my life. It was quite scary to be the only person from an institution as the rest had their fellow friends who came to support them. I have to thank my close friends Anusrii and Amber from UNMC who literally did everything for me before I boarded the flight. I also owe a big time to Mirosha, a fellow Toastmaster for sharing her experience in Asian English Olympics last year and giving me the tips that were very helpful. I really hope more students from UNMC take part in this next year because the experience was definitely worth it.”


More information available from Dinesh A/I Jayabalan

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