July 23, 2017, by Susan Lim

Riot Games: Student Ambassador

Students from the University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNMC) participated in the Riot Games Student Ambassador program that was held this year of 2017. The professional gaming scene demands a large amount of skill, effort, discipline and dedication for the professionals to stay relevant in the industry. However, regardless of the requirements, the gaming industry has had a bad reputation as being unreliable as a career for many people. However, that does not stop the millions of people who still have a passion for gaming and the gaming industry in general.

To meet the passion of the gamers, Riot Games started a new initiative in Malaysia called the Riot Games Student Ambassador Program. As mentioned in the title of the initiative, the criteria to join the program states that applicants must be full-time students who are avid gamers yet also possess the academic qualifications that matched their passion for gaming. All interested students were able to sign up for the program where if chosen, they could have the opportunity to participate in a one-year programme that aims to help participants develop critical career skills like leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills regardless of their discipline.


Participating student ambassadors

Terrence Gregory Jr, a student at UNMC who is currently pursuing a degree chemical engineering, participated in the program offered by Riot Games and was chosen as a student ambassador for UNMC. Terrence will also be taking on the role as the next president of the gaming society in the academic year of 2017/18.

Kickoff event

When asked about his involvement with the ambassador programme, Terrence stated: “Generally, computer games are viewed by Malaysians as a bad habit and a waste of time, but I aim to change the perspective of Malaysians and show them that e-sports is also another form of competitive sports.” As an avid gamer of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game League of Legends, he also wishes to help mature the League of Legends community in Malaysia with regards to the e-sports community.

The student ambassador programme comprises of a training session that starts off with an ice breaking session between fellow ambassadors then is continued with a guidance on communication between clubs and societies and university administration, teamwork and collaboration skills, and budget management. Terrence enthused: “I’ve been learning how to manage the (gaming) society in different ways, from organising events with the team to coordinating task with executive committees for the society, however, there are still many things I have yet to learn.”

When asked if he had any further plans for this programme, the newly appointed student ambassador expressed interest in continuing in the gaming industry as it is an industry he enjoys working in. He also plans to collaborate with many societies within and outside the campus to organise events related to the popular game League of Legends (LoL), as it is his wish and interest to play a role in the support of the LoL community in Malaysia. Terrence also added: “If a good opportunity were to be presented to me, I will definitely consider it.”

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