July 24, 2017, by Susan Lim

Summer Graduation of 2017!

Graduation day is the day which, for many students and I, after three or four years, marks the end of a chapter, and lets us look forward to starting a new chapter that will offer new challenges. While the student journey has its challenges, ranging from academic to personal problems, those challenging experiences undoubtedly have shaped not only me but many other students at this University.

I started my student journey at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC) three years ago, working towards a degree in International Communication Studies (ICS). Many of my friends and I have reached the end of our academic journey (the undergraduate part), while some have their eyes and hearts set on further studies (postgraduate or PhD) even before they step on the stage and receive their symbolic scrolls, others have jobs lined up and are ready to jump right into them when the time comes. However, as graduating students (local or International), just like at most milestones that we have reached, we instinctively look back upon the notable times that have led up to this moment.

The Exchange Programme

The second (or third) year of the undergraduate programme in UNMC is a significant year for students. It is the year where many, if not all, students are given the chance to participate in our University’s inter-campus exchange (China or UK). I was lucky and had the opportunity to participate in the exchange programme which led me to spend my second year at the United Kingdom (UK) campus. The inter-campus exchange programme allowed me as a student to experience the various differences between the two campuses, ranging from campus environment to the day-to-day weather. There were also various clubs and societies that were not available in the Malaysian Campus, as I decided to take part in a swing dancing club. It was a year of exploration and self-discovery (I discovered I was terrible at dancing). Also, if you’re wondering about the support available for international students, the University of Nottingham, UK has various outlets which provide support, ranging from guidance on immigration, employment, financial matters, or personal and family concerns. Furthermore, just like the staff at UNMC, exchange students would find that the staff at the UK campus are just as helpful and friendly and will try their best and see to the various needs of the students.

Spring at UK campus

The final year of my degree was spent at UNMC as I did not opt to transfer to the UK campus which some exchange students decide to do after their exchange. While I did enjoy my experience at the UK campus, I still reserved certain attachments to UNMC and was unable to vacate the Malaysian campus just yet. As the day of graduation draws near, we look back upon the first year as new students, the awkward (or over excited) attempts at ice-breaking with other new students in order to form meaningful friendships, and the revelation of our inner Columbus in pursuit to discover the things to do in the quiet town of Semenyih, where most students found themselves. Three years seemed to have gone by quickly and graduation day arrived as fast as an assignment deadline that I always seemed to be surprised by (terrible student time management).  For the current students, I wish you all to have the best student experiences that UNMC has to offer, and for the students graduating with me, Happy Graduation!

Class of 2017!


– Haggai

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