September 29, 2017, by Susan Lim

Jan Atkin Student Prize 2017

The Jan Atkin Prize was established by Emeritus Professor Brian Atkin, the former CEO and Provost of the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC). The award was established in memory of his late wife Jan Atkin where a prize of RM5,000 is awarded at the end of the academic year to three winners.

The Jan Atkin prize fund goes through a nomination process, where senior staff members of the University nominate student(s) who they feel is deserving of the prize. The criteria is based on satisfactory academic achievements and the participation of community service initiatives. Students are also able to nominate their fellow students, but the applications must be supported by a member of staff.

This year we had 14 applicants who were nominated, and due to the outstanding quality of these students, the evaluation panel had a challenging time choosing the most deserving winners. The three winners were:

  1. Yarminee Gonasagran from the School of Education.
  2. Michaelle Phoenix from the School of Politics, History, and International Relations.
  3. Lim Hong Chong from the School of Economics.

Left: Professor Graham Kendall. Right: Lim Hong Cheong

Left: Professor Graham Kendall. Right: Yarminee Gonasagran

Left: Professor Graham Kendall. Right: Michaelle Phoenix









                  Congratulations to all the winners of the 2017 Jan Atkin Prize.

The prize was awarded to these three students who, along with high academic achievements, have also made significant contributions to the community, particularly those who had been actively involved in regional community outreach initiatives.

The award ceremony was held on Thursday, 21 September 2017 on campus during a farewell lunch event for Professor Sir David Greenaway and the University took the opportunity to thank them for the contributions that were made towards the wellbeing of the students of the University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNMC). In the spirit of the award, It is hoped that UNMC students will continue to excel in their chosen field of study while embracing an ethos of giving back to society.

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