November 24, 2017, by Susan Lim

Best Presentation and Excellent Paper Award

On 5-6 September 2017, I attended the IASTEM- 242nd International Conference on Science Technology and Management (ICSTM) in Melbourne, Australia. This leading conference is a forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of science, technology and management, which drew participants from all over the world, including researchers, academia and key policymakers.

At the conference, I presented a paper titled “Liquid Biphasic Flotation (LBF) System: Integration of Fermentation and Recovery Process of Lipase from Burkholderia Cepacia”. The paper received the Best Presentation and Excellent Paper awards at this conference.

The paper I presented was based on my research on enzyme (lipase) separation using a novel technique known as aqueous two-phase flotation (ATPF). This technique is competent to separate biological products at a desirable level of purity and concentration with minimal steps. In my research, I am using this invention of ATPF to extract lipase enzyme from bacteria Burkholderia cepacia. This research enhances the production of various bio-based products, such as detergent, paper, textiles and pharmaceutical products, which  subsequently promote the market of biotechnology.

Revathy standing proud for the award

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Chemical and Environmental Engineering (CEE) Department for sponsoring me to attend this conference. I am deeply grateful for the support received from CEE department. In addition, I very much appreciate the opportunity to attend a leading conference in this field and also to win two awards. I wish to thank my supervisor Dr Show Pau Loke for his guidance and support.

Revathy is currently pursuing her PhD in Chemical Engineering. Her project is related to the field of bioprocessing, in which she is responsible for developing a process of extraction and separation of biomolecules that will aid in the recovery and purification of biosynthetic products.

For more information, please contact Revathy.

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