January 3, 2018, by Susan Lim

Entrepreneurial Leaders Programme

Entrepreneurial Leaders Program (ELP) is an initiative by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia to foster and enhance entrepreneurial leadership at Malaysian Higher Education Institutions. The programme aims to provide a learning experience for delegates that fully reflect the ethos and spirit of experiential learning and the development of academics and managers to entrepreneurial leaders.

Professor Ir Dr Denny KS Ng and Ms Nengaswary Maniam from the University of Nottingham Malaysia were selected to attend the programme which was held from 2 to 8 December 2017 at Putrajaya Shangri-La. At the end of the programme, participants were awarded the ‘Professional Certificate for Entrepreneurial Leader’ by the Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership, Swansea University, UK.

Prof Denny Ng said: “Throughout the programme, various group activities were conducted to facilitate the understanding and characteristic of entrepreneurial leaders.  Besides, we also able to learn from each other to enhance our management and leadership skills.”

According to Nengaswary Maniam, “I fundamentally believe that if we are not learning new things, we stop doing great and impactful things. The ELP programme is designed to open up stimulating paths to further explore and contribute towards the entrepreneurial ecosystem at higher learning institutions.”

From left: Ms Nengaswary Maniam (Incubation Manager at UNMC), YB Datuk Dr Mary Yap Kain Ching (Deputy Minister of Higher Education Malaysia), Professor Ir Dr Denny KS Ng (Head of Business Engagement and Innovation Services at UNMC) and a representative from Monash University Malaysia

Participants of the programme not only had the opportunity to experience the informative process to becoming entrepreneurial leaders, it was also a great networking platform as they had the chance to meet others who attended the programme.

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