March 27, 2018, by Susan Lim

Power Talk Series

The Vinod Sekhar Incubation Centre (VSIC) recently initiated and conducted Power Hour Talk series for all students, alumni and staff. According to the incubation centre, the talk series serves as a platform for CEO’s, entrepreneurs, successful start-ups and industry experts to share their knowledge, experience and expertise with the community at our University. The talks also aim to spark ambition, engagement and collaboration in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The talk series for the first quarter of 2018, titled “Power Hour” was held between January to March 2018 and consisted of various industry professionals like Shahril Azwin, from goCerebro and Azwin Ecosystems. Raymond Woo, who has more than 25 years of experience in Management, Banking, Research, Import and Export and also the CEO of VendPays shares his experience with youth entrepreneurs.

Moving on to the technical aspects of the power talks, invited speaker, Siddhant Sunilkumar Dube, an accomplished software engineer and backend software developer who is responsible for creating Application Programming Interface (API). He is currently attached to Pinetop Technology which develops various software solutions to improve efficiency.

In February’18, Mehedi Hasan the founder and CEO of MyCash Online was invited to share his experience with starting a business in a foreign country and the specific obstacles that he faced. MyCash Online is a start-up that empowers unbanked migrants across Asia. The company offers easy, secure and convenient online services to the foreign workers, who do not have access to online banking or other services like owning credit cards.

Alumni of the University, Natasha Francis who is currently attached with Doctor2U as a Business Development Executive delivered a talk on ‘Innovative Approaches through Mobile Healthcare Application’ in March’18. During her speech, she engaged students and faculty members in an open communication about her passion to make healthcare more affordable, accessible and reliable for the public.

As a student, alumni or staff of the University, everyone had the opportunity to equip themselves with the optimum tools to drive their passion further. Students had the chance to experience the differences between the inner workings of the real industry and textbooks. Staff also benefit from this event as it served as a form of enhancement of continual talent development.

For more information, please contact Nengaswary Maniam.

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