May 21, 2018, by Susan Lim

That Dive Life: Asia Business Prize winner

Alumni from the University of Nottingham Malaysia, Shahbaaz Siamwala (BEng Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, 2015) and May Thawdar Oo (Biomedical Sciences, 2017) claimed £5,000 for Asia Business Prize category at Ingenuity18.

That Dive Life believes all divers deserve a seamless booking process for their next diving escape. To help make this a reality, the team have created an online platform that helps divers explore, compare and book their preferred dive-shops in one place. The platform will also include an information hub, a personalised dive planner, and a job-portal to help diving shops connect with diving professionals around the world. That Dive Life believe the diving industry needs better exposure, ease of access to its customers and better education of the marine and diving ecosystem to locals in diving hotspots. Their platform will support the industry is finally adapting to the digital age.

From left: Shahbaaz Siamwala and May Thawdar Oo


The Ingenuity18 award, which is the largest innovation competition in the UK, was opened to the University of Nottingham students and alumni from across its campuses in the UK, Malaysia and China. The competition helps propel students and alumni start-ups to success with intensive development sessions, learning from a range of key industry experts, and the opportunity to showcase their work on a global stage.

Quote from Shahbaaz – “Winning the Ingenuity18 competition meant a lot to us, we are currently witnessing a time where startups and entrepreneurs are abundant, and so is failure and doubt. As aspiring entrepreneurs ourselves, we too faced failure with our startups in the past. It can be a real blow to your morale, but at the end of the day failure only builds you up with experience which is one of the best tools for success. Winning Ingenuity18 was a reminder that we are surely learning from our failures and are building something of value. To an entrepreneur that learning is better than anything else.”

Congratulating the winner, Nengaswary Maniam, Incubation Manager at the University said: “We saw remarkable talents demonstrated by our students and alumni to tackle many aspects and this shows just how much entrepreneurial talent is coming through. Every participant should be congratulated and proud of their brilliant ideas. We will continue to build an ecosystem to empower individuals making their dreams into reality.”


About Ingenuity18

The Ingenuity18 event is the annual talent search for future leaders and innovators. The competition is a tri-campus event and open to all University of Nottingham (UoN) undergraduates, postgraduates, alumni and early-stage researchers in the United Kingdom, Malaysia and China. The competition has attracted over 1,000 participants since its inception and awarded over £359,000 in prizes.

This year there were 30 teams from the University of Nottingham Malaysia which comprised of 67 students and alumni who qualified for Ingenuity18. In preparation, on 10 and 11 March 2018, the teams joined the Ingenuity18 Boot Camp Programme. Sessions that were thought-provoking and had hands-on skill development were carried out on both days to not only inspire students but to inform them of the potential they have to re-shape contemporary society. The two-day workshop brought together seven external and five internal speakers.

Participants from the University of Nottingham Malaysia were also able to access live-streams and recordings of the Ingenuity18 Ideas Summit and 5-week Innovation Diploma organised in the UK.

Besides that, Ingenuity18’s taster sessions and Power Hour Talk Series were held from December 2017 to March 2018.  The events were designed by the Incubation Centre to inspire and develop future leaders and innovators who can help transform society and add to the global impact of the University. As a student, alumni or staff member of the University, everyone will have the opportunity to equip themselves with the optimum tools to drive their passion further. Students will be able to see the differences between the things they learn from books and from the real industry. For staff, this will be a form of enhancement of continual talent development.

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