June 29, 2018, by Susan Lim

Vice-Chancellors Global Graduate Prize Winner

Final year Finance, Accounting and Management student Falonnie Chin Pei Lin successfully completed her Nottingham advantage award (NAA) and is the winner of the Vice Chancellor’s Global Graduate Prize for the year of 2017/18.  As part of the NAA awards, Falonnie undertook modules such as Introduction to British Parliamentary Debate, Volunteering in the Academic Literacy Development Centre, and Presentation skills for Business Meetings and Competition.

“I came across the prize and thought that it was a great way to motivate myself further while serving as a strong recognition towards my wonderful NAA journey”, said Falonnie when asked what motivated her to apply for the award.

Falonnie had further comments on her experience:

“Personally, I encourage all aspiring graduates who are in the NAA programme to apply for this award as the process is quite straightforward and not complicated. It was challenging in a way as the interview required a lot of deep reflection on every individual’s journey and there were a number of criteria needed to qualify for attributes of a global graduate.

Furthermore, there were countless opportunities to do volunteering work. My year abroad in the Ningbo campus provided a lot of unique volunteering opportunities as we get to travel to different parts of the province to help children learn English and teaching them life skills. Besides, I spent a semester hosting ‘Chat Up sessions’ in Ningbo to encourage freshman to brush up their English public speaking skills and confidence.”

The prize giving ceremony this year was held at the UK campus where the prize for the Global Graduate prize of £300 was given out and to be used towards travelling.

“I have never visited the UK campus. When I was there for the award ceremony, it was definitely an exciting opportunity for me. I was also given the chance to attend the LeadNow workshop which helped me understand leadership in a broader perspective. Although it was just a short stay, I met a lot of amazing people and am definitely looking forward to visiting the campus again someday!”


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