July 24, 2018, by Susan Lim

Graduation 2018

Today marks a very special occasion, the day all the hard work, late nights, deadlines and exams have paid off. The day we finally get to graduate, standing in front of all our friends and family to receive our scrolls. All of us standing here today have come from near and far and together we have accomplished many things.

Seems like just yesterday when our parents dropped us off at our new residences. The long goodbyes, the start of responsibility, the freedom to be a grown-up. As we each made it here today, we remember all the challenges we overcame and all the friendships we made. All of us have had moments during our studies where we have been truly tested. Sometimes we felt like we won’t make it through, but with the help of our professors, family and friends we have been able to pull through.

Graduation Day is one of the key turning points in our lives. For several, this day marks the start of a new adventure, the end of childhood and the beginning of the next stage of our lives. Our years at University has granted us the knowledge to take on the world and become truly independent. We are now well-prepped individuals ready to take on the whole world. Today we are invincible. We each have the potential to do something great and make the world better.

Today is the day we get to live our dreams, become who we always wanted to be. Whether it’s going for a Masters or PhD, starting our own startups, starting new jobs, or simply taking time off for travelling and volunteer work. No matter where life will take us, we all have one thing in common ‘the excitement of receiving that certificate.’ As that moment gets closer, we start to look back and reflect on all the things, people and moments that helped us reach where we are right now.

For me personally, the journey was considered long, as I started with the foundation and continued until I had completed my masters. After some time, this place becomes an important part of your journey and you start to consider it your home. I have met such incredible, talented, smart and loyal people that I now consider to be friends and family. This journey has taught me a lot, from lectures in the classroom to communicate with friends to extra-curricular activities to dealing with external parties. Along with my education, my time at university has taught me so much about myself, relationships and the world, that it has shaped me into the person I get to be!

Congratulations class of 2018!

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