September 6, 2018, by Susan Lim

NACES 2018

The recent National Chemical Engineering Symposium was held at University Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian Institute of Chemical and Bio-Engineering Technology on 10-12 August 2018. We are proud to announce that our students, Ms Yap Jie Min and Ms Wang Pei Ying participated in the “Chemical Engineering Challenges” category and successfully¬†took third place, beating a number of strong opponents from other reputable universities in Malaysia.

“We felt a bit funny seeing universities like University of Malaya (UM) and Universiti Teknology Petronas (UTP) sending one or two buses of representatives meanwhile we were the only two participants from the University of Nottingham Malaysia. We did not join NACES 2018 aiming to bring home any prize but to gain exposure. We were seriously NOT READY for a competition, we did our best and with the help of luck, we managed to win the 3rd place in the challenge. I guess rewards come best when you don’t expect them in the first place.” expressed Jie Min.

Jie Min and Pei Ying, who volunteered to participate in the challenge had not only worked hard and tried their best to prepare for the competition but also did so independently without assistance from their lecturers, which itself showcased their spirit and dedication towards the competition.

For more information, please contact Lau Phei Li.


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