December 7, 2018, by Susan Lim

A year-long exchange at Canada

Current year 3 student Nur Zulaikha Binti Azmi from the School of Economics responds to a few questions and shares her year-long exchange at the University of Concordia, Canada

When did you go for your exchange? How did you decide to go for an exchange?

I went for my exchange for the 2017/18 academic year. Because my initial aspiration of doing an undergraduate degree abroad did not work out, I jumped at the opportunity to do an exchange. Study abroad at Malaysian fees, why not?

Why the particular option, amongst others?

At that time our school offered an exchange only to Ningbo, UK and Canada. Only University of Concordia, Canada was a year-long exchange, while the other two was for one semester only. The longer, the better.

Does the exchange meet your expectation?

Honestly, it was beyond my expectation. I fell in love with the city of Montreal, the people there and the seasons in Canada. Even winter was bearable because it was just beautiful.

What have you learned from this experience?

Ice skating!

What is the difference between the exchange experience versus the Malaysia campus?

The University of Concordia has 2 campuses. One in the heart of the city (or we call it downtown) and the other one in a more residential area gives a really different vibe. Studying in the heart of the city makes me feel like I’m part of the city rush. I feel more connected to the industry. While the other campus was built in 1896, the Hogwarts-style building gives a serene feeling which is a good place to study. Academic wise, Concordia uses the American education system which I think focuses more on the practicality aspect rather than depth. While in Nottingham I think it’s more formal and academic. But the modules are the same, only the learning experience is a bit different. In a good way.

Would you encourage students to undertake this exchange?

Definitely. At the end of the day, it’s what you make out of the exchange. Montreal has something to offer for everyone. You can go for the cultural experience, or to attend Summer and Winter music festivals, or to look into prospects of graduate studies in Canada or even to become a permanent resident.

Does the exchange experience influence your plans?

I found that the students there have a lot of industry experience. Most of them are working part-time or did multiple internships. They are very in touch with the labour market and are very independent too. Besides, the university offers a co-op program where students alternate between study and paid work terms throughout their degree. I think that industry experience is really important in order to compete in the job market or to decide a career path.

View of Quebec city during the Autumn season

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