September 23, 2019, by Susan Lim

English professor embarks on book tour to educate varsity students about literature

Dr Malachi Edwin Vethamani, professor of modern English literature and poet at the University of Nottingham Malaysia, has embarked on a book tour to universities both locally and internationally with the aim of getting students to talk about literature, and write.

At Swinburne University of Technology Kuching

Dr Vethamani has published two poetry collections entitled Life Happens and Complicated Lives in addition to editing an anthology called Malachin Testaments: Malaysian Poems.

His book tour began in July last year at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Seremban and since then he has visited a total of 11 varsities in the country and three abroad namely the National Institute of Education in Singapore, National Taiwan University and National Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan.

During the course of his tour, Dr Vethamani has engaged with students to raise their awareness about literature. He typically starts by identifying a topic from his work that he thinks would be of interest to his young audience.



At University Technology Petronas

“I want to show these students that poetry is not about dead writers but rather, contemporary issues that they can relate to”

-Dr Malachi Edwin Vethamani

At National Institute of Education Singapore

Dr Vethamani also hopes that this book tour will expose poetry and short stories to the university students as a contemporary literary activity. In addition, he intends to expose students to the works of many talented Malaysian writers who write in English.



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