June 2, 2020, by Susan Lim

PhD Candidate publishes commentary on the handling of COVID-19 in Malaysia

Tricia Yeoh, a Fellow at the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) Malaysia and a PhD candidate at the University of Nottingham Malaysia, recently published a commentary titled Federalism and the COVID-19 Crisis: State-Federal Tensions Arise in Malaysia.

In her commentary she highlights how the COVID-19 pandemic led the country’s federal government to adopt even more top-down approaches in managing the public health crisis.

She also mentions how the federal government excluded the heads of state government controlled by the opposition coalition in the first meeting to discuss COVID-19 mitigation plans, sparking tension between both the federal and state governments.

During the course of the commentary, Yeoh goes on to discuss the many disagreements between both the governments in handling the crisis. She concludes by saying that the federal government’s decision-making process needs to adapt to be more meaningfully inclusive and consultative.

Click here to read the whole commentary.

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