November 9, 2020, by Communications

Professor Dominic Foo speaks at two public lectures

Professor Ir Dr Dominic Foo, Professor of Process Design and Integration at University of Nottingham Malaysia, was invited to speak at two public lectures on 22 September 2020.

During the first lecture, organised by Prasarana, a premier public service provider in Malaysia, Professor Foo spoke about the battle that the world is facing against climate change and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. He also addressed the severity of climate change and its effect on the world. Link to the recording.

Professor Ir Dr Dominic Foo showing the upward trend of global CO2 emission

Professor Foo then discussed how scientists are now relying on technology wedges, a series of different technological solutions to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, thus helping combat climate change. These include the use of renewable energy, carbon capture and storage (CCS), etc. He also shared what we can do in our personal capacity to combat change, such as reduce waste, save water, etc.

The second lecture was part of a webinar series with the theme entitled “Engineering for Sustainability: Water & Energy for the Tropics”, and was jointly organised by the Mahathir Science Award Foundation and Academy of Sciences Malaysia.

In his lecture entitled “Engineering Innovations for Sustainability in the Tropics”, Professor Foo talked about process integration, which is a systematic design approach to address sustainability involving the reduction of energy and water in the process and manufacturing industries.

Process integration was developed for energy conservation during the world oil crisis in the mid-70s and extended into waste reduction in the 80s and water reduction in the 90s. Professor Foo also shared some of his research works on industrial water recycling. The recorded lecture is available here on the Facebook page of Mahathir Science Award Foundation.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both lectures were carried out online.

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