January 13, 2021, by Susan Lim

How to be sustainable: some tips from SEEN Gardening

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Sustainable Environmental Education Network (SEEN) is a volunteer network supported by the Campus Services and Estate Office. SEEN brings together individuals who are passionate about integrating sustainability into their lives and also creates opportunities for those interested in learning about sustainability.

Approaching sustainability as a student may seem difficult. Therefore, keeping Asiya Ishaq (student leader of SEEN Gardening)’s advice in mind, we decided to go a step further by creating a list of ways in which university students can embrace sustainability.

Ways to be sustainable:

Repairing your clothes

It is all too tempting to replace an item of clothing when it tears, however, the environmental impact of fast fashion cannot be ignored. Therefore, repair and mend your items before you buy something new.

Walking and using public transport

Walking and using public transport, instead of your own car or a taxi will greatly reduce your carbon footprint.

Unplugging your electronics

Did you know that even if your devices are done charging, electricity is still being wasted if they remain plugged in? Do ensure you always unplug your devices when they are not in use.

Separating your trash

Our final tip is to separate your trash by its material (For example: paper, plastic, aluminium and glass) before throwing it away. This makes it more likely to be recycled as unseparated trash is usually sent directly to landfills.

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