February 23, 2021, by Susan Lim

An outstanding achievement: The NAA recipients for 2019/2020

The Nottingham Advantage Award (NAA) programme is offered to all University of Nottingham undergraduate students as an opportunity to enhance their employability skills. Upon completion of the programme, the NAA certification is also added to one’s degree certificate upon graduation. For this year’s Spring Graduation on 24 February, seven students from UNM are set to graduate with the NAA certification. They are:

  • Sakti Jaiganeish A/L E. Vennarajan (Biotechnology)
  • Khaled Mohammed Abdulqawi Farhan (Civil Engineering)
  • Chew Lee Kee (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
  • Ahmad Farhan Bin Suzaki (International Relations)
  • Deepak A/L Nishrint (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Ali Wail Ali Dafa Alla (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Razan Abdelaziz Elbashir Hassan (Finance, Accounting and Management)

Nabila Shariff Al-Baiti

The academic lead of the programme Nabila Shariff Al Baiti, who organises and curates the modules for the NAA, says that the programme has enjoyed significant success in UNM. As a lecturer of some of the modules, Nabila provides an inside look into what goes into planning and carrying out these programmes such as monitoring the modules, reviewing and approving new module proposals, and coordinating with the UK and Ningbo NAA teams for module moderation.

“The purpose of the NAA is to equip students with different kinds of skills that they would not normally encounter in their academic studies.  In this way, each module acts like a piece in a jigsaw, providing students with a particular skill set that they would not be getting in the other programmes and vice versa. Every module is outstanding in the service they provide.”

Nabila is also proud of the students who shared their personal experiences in front of large classes in the modules she taught.

“Putting themselves out there to people they have most likely not met before is deeply inspiring to watch. It is always a pleasant surprise, and one of the main reasons I enjoy teaching the programme,” she says.

Nabila urges new students to participate in the NAA programme as it is put forth to give them exposure to necessary skills and topics they may not get in their degrees. Thus, this helps them become well-rounded, nuanced, and better skilled individuals, which are traits that become invaluable for employability when combined with their academic programmes.

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