November 16, 2021, by Communications

UNM academics and staff donate computers to the B40 community

Dr Khoo Teng Jin from the University of Nottingham Malaysia’s (UNM) Faculty of Science and Engineering, together with his colleagues Ioannes Tang Yu Hoe, Tew Peng Kooi and Vivi Lim and her team from UNM’s IT department initiated a computer donation drive to for various B40 families throughout the state of Selangor.

The computers that were donated were second-hand CPUs and monitors that were previously used in various departments at UNM. They were then refurbished with school-essential software installed by UNM’s IT team before being presented to mostly primary school students in the B40 communities to use for their online studies.

The first round of distribution was carried out on 13 October. Dr Khoo together with Tang distributed 30 computers to various families in Serdang. The second round of distribution, meanwhile, was carried out on 23 and 24 October to primary school children, single mothers and frontliners in the areas of Petaling Jaya, Banting, Klang and Subang.

The team carried out the third round of distribution on 30 and 31 October to SJK (T) Ladang West Country Barat, a Tamil school in Serdang. Tang and his family sponsored WiFi dongles for these computers and they even took time off to install the dongles for up to 20 families. For his contribution to the school as well as his hard work and effort, Dr Khoo received a certificate of appreciation from the principal of SJK (T) Ladang West Country Barat.

“With collective effort to repurpose UNM’s PCs, we were privileged to meet some lovely families and enjoyed engaging with the community. We were also very happy that by distributing these PCs, we were able to reduce the pressure on e-waste,” said Dr Khoo.

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