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University of Nottingham Malaysia Appreciation and Networking Dinner 2022

The University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM) recently organised an Appreciation and Networking Dinner which took place last Thursday, 15th December 2022, at The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. This dinner was specially organised as a token of gratitude for the ongoing support from the University’s strategic partners, funders and collaborators for an evening of good food, networking and discussion.

Ms. Nengaswary Maniam, the Head of Research and Knowledge Exchange Hub at the University of Nottingham Malaysia shared, “While winding down for the year, this was indeed a wonderful opportunity to interact with our partners. It was a memorable evening to remember filled with nourishing conversations and exchange of ideas.”

Ms. Nengaswary Maniam, the Head of Research and Knowledge Exchange Hub

UNM’s existing strength in education and research is set to make a difference in Malaysia and globally.

“We acknowledge the significance of strong academia-industry linkages to ensure our research work remains relevant to key stakeholders.  The University’s engagement with our partners takes many forms and these partnerships signify several meanings to us in our growth,” she added.

“The University of Nottingham Malaysia was delighted to be able to acknowledge its external partners through this Appreciation and Networking Dinner.  It was a real pleasure to see so many people and organisations there, especially after the break imposed by Covid restrictions, and to hear more about the exciting work that is going on.  We hope that this will stimulate further collaborations and partnerships across both education and research,” said Professor Sarah Metcalfe, Provost and CEO.

Professor Sarah Metcalfe, Provost and CEO of the University of Nottingham Malaysia

UNM is proud to enjoy wonderful partnership synergies across various fields, businesses and organisations.  The research UNM conducts at the University is ground-breaking and addresses various national and global agendas and the University is glad to contribute in that capacity.

“Building robust and productive partnerships in research and innovation with agility will be critical not only towards achieving unimaginable leaps and bounds in education, in healthcare and in the economy but also to address global challenges such as climate change, poverty, global pandemic management and a sustainable ecosystem. And this will only happen if we totally embrace the ideals of working together for the greater good” says Ms Nengaswary Maniam.

She is confident that this event will ignite new collaborations and is keen to explore further the extent of knowledge exchange, engagement as well as local and international partnerships.

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