December 1, 2014, by Suzanne McGowan

Meet the students: Moataz Ahmed Abdelghaffar Mohamed


Moataz recently started his PhD in the School of Geography, OSGEO Lab on “Remote sensing image understanding services on cloud-computing platform” project.

He has a BSc from Ain Shams University- Faculty of ARTS specializing in Geographical Information Systems and is also a graduate of the Egyptian “Information Technology Institute” (ITI), successfully completing a diploma in Information Technology- Open Source track, and has a diploma in “Information Technology Management and Innovation” from the Dublin Institute of Technology.

Moataz started his career as a Teaching Assistant at ITI Open Source Technologies Department and a part-time developer in the Africa-Build project “supported by the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7-ICT)”. He has 3 years’ of experience in Web Development using Open source technologies and has supervised many graduate projects in his department.

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