February 2, 2015, by Suzanne McGowan

A great day of postgraduate research talks

Each year the School gets together for an update on our postgraduate’s research work. To accommodate the growing number of researchers in the School, we’ll run two presentation sessions this year, with MRes students presenting next week,but this week we heard from five PhD students who have been in the school for between 1 and 3 years.



Sheema Abdul Aziz is nearing the end of her first year and presented her work on dietary preferences of fruit bats in Tioman Island, highlighting the growing conflicts between fruit farmers and these species which has led to their demise in many parts of Malaysia as they are considered pests and killed.






Darshana Wickramasinghe, also near the end of his first year of study told us about his project which is developing data fusion techniques for high-resolution mapping of construction sites. His work focuses on the new LRT construction as a proof of concept.

Ee Phin Wong, now in her final year updated us on her work which is assessing the use of hormones in elephant dung to measure stress levels, with the overall aim of assessing wellbeing in translocated elephants. As part of her PhD she has conducted experiments assessing the conditions in which stress hormones are preserved or degraded in dung piles.



K. Nagulendran (Nagu) is in his second year of study and trying to assess the priority areas for biodiversity and protected area governance. Nagu showed us how a workshop-based scoping exercise had identified many of the areas that should be focused on for improved governance and is now moving on to use two case studies to illustrate some of the issues.

Moataz Abdelghaffar, a first year student in the OSGeo laboratory told us about his project which is using cloud computing to enhance the processing power in his remote sensing application. His aim is to go beyond image classification and towards image understanding and he is developing algorithms to do this.

A great set of presentations and interesting discussions- thanks for the entertainment!


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