September 18, 2015, by Suzanne McGowan

Nagu updates us on his Biodiversity Summer School experiences

Summer School at German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv), Leipzig, Germany, 23-29 August 2015

Our 2nd year PhD Candidate, K. Nagulendran (Nagu) had an opportunity to attend a Biodiversity Synthesis Summer School at the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv). His participation to this Summer School was made possible through a grant that was awarded to him by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The summer school by iDiv was its first ever which saw 24 participants from around the globe. A participant from China and Nagu from Malaysia were the participants who were selected from the Asia region.


Biodiversity in simple terms refers to the variety of life found on Earth and the various habitats that they live in. Due to rapid development and human activities, global biodiversity loss is happening in unprecedented rates. We need collective actions at all levels to halt biodiversity loss. Nagu’s PhD is on Biodiversity Governance and he is studying on Protected Areas in Peninsular Malaysia which are cornerstones for biodiversity conservation. He will be looking at aspects of science policy interface in biodiversity governance. This summer school on biodiversity synthesis was very useful as it focused at bridging researchers from different disciplines, with the goal to provide a comprehensive and consistent understanding of the underlying processes and mechanisms of biodiversity dynamics. For Nagu, this provided an excellent opportunity to learn and interact with other researcher as well as resource persons at iDiv in looking at how science is translated into policy making towards enhancing biodiversity management from different perspective and settings. The experience at the Summer School as well as the networking obtained will assist Nagu not only in his PhD work but also for future work on biodiversity conservation.


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