September 1, 2020, by Mei Kee Lee

School of Pharmacy – Biomedical Sciences Photography Competition 2020 Winners

From 5th to 24th May 2020, the School of Pharmacy and Division of Biomedical Sciences held a Photography Competition, requiring participants to creatively capture the essence of multitasking during the COVID-19 pandemic with a photograph and a short caption. We are proud to announce the winners of the competition, as voted by all School of Pharmacy academic staff:

Joint 3rd Place: Shabita Devi Bhattacharyya

(Year 2, BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences)

“Multitasking makes life easier and efficient if you manage to divide your time in the right way. Behind this blue mask is a loving family which you would always want to protect and keep them and yourself safe in order for you to perform your daily multitasking routine happily.

Joint 3rd Place: Fan Kye Wen Camille

(Year 2, BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences)

“Multitasking in a pandemic is subjective. To students, it may be rushing assignments while fixing the wi-fi router. To lecturers, it may be balancing between work and family at home. However, iced coffee in one hand, newspaper in another is sometimes a good pause to inhale bless, exhale stress.


2nd Place: Tan Zhi Xuan

(Year 1, BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences)

“Shall you endure the pain, or shall you be amazed by assignments

Do both, to feel it all”


1st Place: Yasini A/P Savandarajan

(Year 2, BSC (Hons) Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences)

“Hypothesis: More tasks=More productivity

Conclusion: The more the tasks can be done at a time, the more productive a person can be.”


The winners have also shared the most challenging part of studying at home as well as their tips for multitasking:


What is the most challenging part to study from home during COVID-19 and how do you cope with it?

“Studying from home had been a new experience for me. The hardest part of studying from home is the amount of interaction we can have with the lecturer. To overcome that, I have understood that we need to have a closer connection with the lecturer through emails and engage more of our time communicating with the lecturer to attain the best studying experience during this pandemic.” – Shabita Devi Bhattacharyya

“I was fortunate enough to be able to study in a conducive environment but I definitely study at a slower pace. Since my family members were working from home during the early phase of MCO, we spend much more time together which ultimately leads to lack of revision on my materials. Nearing finals, I went through the designated materials by the lecturers and only kept my focus on the papers.” – Fan Kye Wen Camille

“I am supposed to share how I study during the Movement Control Order. Well, I’ll tell you how. If you want to study and get flying colours, do it. You chose to enrol in this marvellous high achievement University and why are you not studying, it’s weird isn’t it? It’s just like you never wanted to play basketball, but you went to a basketball court. How did I study? Just like I said, I study when I want to study. What if there is assignment to submit but I don’t feel like studying? This will never happen, because I chose UNM and I want to do it right.” – Tan Zhi Xuan


Your tips for multitasking?

“Correct way of multitasking can be done without ending up feeling stressed. Time management and organising task accordingly are two essential components needed during multitasking. Having a time table done for our daily task can help us to be more organise and alert on what we will be doing on that particular day. By having our task organised we won’t miss out things that is supposed to be done on that day. This method helps me to avoid stressfulness, hence helps to clear my mind and stay more focused throughout the day.” – Shabita Devi Bhattacharyya

“Taking breaks because multitasking can be overwhelming as it drains your energy most of the time, at least for me.” – Fan Kye Wen Camille

“The next question asked, how do I multitask when my mother is yelling, and the bed is distracting, and I have to study. It’s simple, do one thing at once. Fix you priority, choose which one you think is more important, and finish it with the best you can give. Never quit what you want to do when you are doing it. When you are sleeping, don’t quit. Finish your sleep as much as you want, then do what you want to do next. If you want it to be more organized, schedule your time, I guess you know how.” – Tan Zhi Xuan


Congratulations to all winners and thank you to all those who took part in the Pharmacy-Biomedical Sciences Photography Competition 2020. Take care and stay safe.

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