October 15, 2014, by Deepa Kumari Veerasingam

Postgraduate Welcome Week 2014 – Day 3

The third day of the Postgraduate Welcome Week 2014 began with a brief introduction of the Careers Advisory Service, by Mr Kevin Lim.


Mr Kevin Lee from the Careers Advisory Service.

Academic and Industrial CV Writing session. The session was delivered by Ms Hoe Pik Lin, Senior Writer from GTI Media. The session covered four main elements of CV writing – Academic CV vs Industrial CV, CV Essentials, Covering Letter and CV Maintenance. Ms Hoe highlighted the differences between an Academic CV and Industrial CV. Academic CV highlights research or teaching and further includes an exhaustive list of publications whereas Industrial CV highlights research and work experience with the provision of a selected list of publications. Ms Hoe emphasized that it is extremely important to always follow application instructions and the CV should be clear and concise.


Ms Hoe Pik Lin, a Senior Writer from GTI Media.


Ms Hoe is seen here giving advice to a postgraduate student on his CV.

The programme continued with a “Life as a Researcher” session. The session featured the life of Prof Chong Mei Fong from the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering. Prof Chong provided an insight look into her life and profile as a researcher in both professional and personal perspectives as well as the many challenges encountered in earning a postgraduate research degree to ultimately become a researcher. The sharing of experiences was hugely useful and beneficial to those postgraduate students who want to become a researcher after the completion of their studies.


[From left] Ms Deepa Kumari, Administration Manager form the Research Training and Academic Development and Prof Chong Mei Fong.

Up next was “A Session with Supervisors” where the invited supervisors, Prof Andy Chan from the Faculty of Engineering, Dr Elizabeth Sheppard from the Faculty of Science and Dr Ashley Ng from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, gave their views on what their expectations are for a PhD student and what the life of a PhD student should be like. The supervisors left a very positive and encouraging message to the new postgraduate students about the journey of embarking the postgraduate life at UNMC. They highlighted the annual review processes of their respective School and the importance of continual growth and progress throughout the postgraduate life. One crucial point in managing the expectation of a supervisor is effective communication and thus, the supervisors strongly encourage the postgraduate students to take advantage of their meetings with supervisor.


[From left] Prof Andy Chan and Dr Elizabeth Sheppard.


Dr Ashley Ng

The programme continued with a session introducing the University Wellbeing and Learning Support offered at UNMC. The session was delivered by Ms Shamini Nadarajan, Head of Counselling of the University Wellbeing Services.


Ms Shamini gave an overview on the range of services offered by the University Wellbeing and Learning Support.

Special thanks to all invited speakers and those who attended the Postgraduate Welcome Week this year. We hope that you have gained something from the many programmes and sessions arranged.


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