July 6, 2017, by Lisa Chin

Research Showcase Experience #2

This post is contributed by Rayan Sabra, recipient of the People’s Choice Award.

During my previous years, I only had the opportunity to take part in oral presentations but never in poster presentations. So the Research Showcase was literally my fist ever experience in poster designing and presentation. It was definitely enjoyable and beneficial!

The journey was long but valuable. It started back in March where we had to submit a press release. After being shortlisted, the next step was to submit a poster, followed by a video recording and finally, the grand event where an exhibition was held for us to present our research to a general audience. At the beginning, it was stressful for me to find ways to grab the attention of the diverse audience and judges. I was worried that I might sound confusing and boring. However, after my first presentation, I gradually became more confident and enthusiastic.

The best part of the competition for me was getting some constructive comments and compliments from the audience. Some of them shared their knowledge and personal experiences in reflection of my research which subsequently opened my mind to new aspects that can contribute and support my research work. In this regard, I would like to thank the Graduate School for organising this competition, as well as my supervisor, family and friends for all the support and feedback.

N.B. The greatest tips I would share with future participants of Research Showcase is to preview your poster after printing as the background might overpower the content layout and thus hinder the appearance of some words and/or graphics which consequently limit the visual flair of your poster.

Rayan Sabra, with her poster entitled “Spicing the road for a new anticancer hope!”.

Featured image: Rayan Sabra accepting the People’s Choice Award from one of the judges, Mr Azlan Aliuddin.

More information on the UNMC Research Showcase 2017 is available at: https://blogs.nottingham.edu.my/postgraduate/2017/05/02/unmc-research-showcase-2017/

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