October 5, 2017, by Lisa Chin

Postgraduate Welcome Programme 2017

Our annual welcome event for all new and returning postgraduate students was held on 2 October 2017. The Postgraduate Welcome Programme featured a series of introductory sessions as well as social and educational activities, aimed to get the new postgraduate students started with the postgraduate life at UNMC and subsequently develop their network of friends and colleagues.

The programme started off with a welcome presentation delivered by Ms Deepa Kumari Veerasingam, Head of Graduate School. The presentation introduced the role of Graduate School in providing a range of dedicated support and services for its postgraduate students. This was followed by an informative presentation by Dr Lee Jiin Woei and Dr Tissa Chandesa, Research Training Development Managers. This session delved into the details of training provision by the Graduate School.

The programme continued on with an interactive forum discussing the expectations of supervisors. This forum covered the many expectations of postgraduate research supervisors and the main objective was to assist the postgraduate students to establish an effective working relationship with their respective supervisors. The panel was made up of experienced PhD supervisors which included Dr Svenja Hanson, Associate Professor at the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering; Dr Jessica Price, Assistant Professor at the School of Psychology; and Dr Ken Kyid Yeoh, Assistant Professor at the Nottingham University Business School. In this forum, both the panel and postgraduate students were given a questionnaire designed to facilitate the discussion. The questions, ranging from the selection of research topic to thesis writing, were answered independently by both parties and the responses initiated topics of discussion. One crucial point highlighted by the panel was the importance of continual growth and progress throughout the postgraduate journey.

Next was a networking luncheon which served as a great ice-breaking platform. It was attended not only by the new and returning postgraduate students, but also members of academic and administrative staff.

The programme resumed with an educational session entitled “PhD in a Nutshell”. Delivered by Dr Lee Jiin Woei, the session aimed to familiarise postgraduate students with common PhD transferable skills through activities and games in a friendly environment.

Last but not least, an experience sharing session by two senior postgraduate research students, Mohammed Ayoub Juman from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Olaoluwa Duro-Bello from the School of English. Some useful tips and advice in surviving the challenging PhD study were also shared. This session was supported by the Postgraduate Student Network (PGSN).

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