February 13, 2018, by Lisa Chin

Call for Participations: Postgraduate Showcase 2018

Present a poster and stand a chance to win prizes worth RM2,200

Our annual Research Showcase is back with a new name, Postgraduate Showcase. This competition is a great opportunity for postgraduate taught and research students to share their passions for their research projects, practise their presentation skills and engage with the wider audience.

1. Submit a Press Release

Submit a press release outlining your research project and why it is interesting to the wider community. Guidelines for the press release are listed below:

  • Your press release could report any preliminary findings if appropriate.
  • It must be written in a language understandable to a general, non-expert audience.
  • The use of technical jargons are limited to a maximum of 2 and must be clearly defined.
  • The name of the author, title, school/department and contact details must be clearly displayed.
  • The word count is a maximum of not more than 250 words excluding the title, school/department and contact details.
  • All entries must be made by registered postgraduate taught or research students of UNMC.

A panel of judges will choose the best press releases and determine the winner for ‘Best Press Release’. Shortlisted participants will go through to the next stage: Design Your Poster.

Email entries to: graduateschool@nottingham.edu.my

Deadline for entries: Monday 5 March 2018 by 3pm

Training: Preparing a Press Release
Date: Monday 26 February 2018
Time: 10am
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2. Design Your Poster

Participants are required to design a poster for the showcase. Specialist training and support will be offered to help create and present the poster. A panel of judges will select the Top 10 finalists who will go through to the final stage: Present Your Poster.

Deadline for poster submission: Monday 9 April 2018 by 3pm

Training: Creating a Poster
Date: Tuesday 13 March 2018
Time: 10am
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Training: Communicating Your Research
Date: Tuesday 13 March 2018
Time: 2pm
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3. Present Your Poster

The Top 10 finalists will compete in the Showcase.

Date: Thursday 3 May 2018
Time: 10am
Venue: H1B11

For any enquiries, please contact us at +6 (03) 8924 8755 / email: graduateschool@nottingham.edu.my

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