September 25, 2018, by Lisa Chin

Invitation: Postgraduate Welcome Programme 2018

Welcome Day

This programme aims to introduce the scope of the Graduate School to the postgraduate community at UNM, in terms of support and development opportunities.

It will be a good opportunity for new postgraduate students to assimilate into the postgraduate community and hit the ground running, socially and academically.

The programme will take place on Monday 1 October 2018 with details as follows:

Time Venue Agenda
9.30am H1B13 Welcome Presentation
9.40am H1B13 Introduction to Our Support and Services
10am H1B13 Introduction to Training Programmes and Campus
10.30am H1B13 Thinking About Your PhD
11am H1B13 SWIRL – So What’s It Really Like? *The panel will consist of current PhD students and alumni
12.30pm H1B11 Networking Lunch
2pm H1B13 A Session with Supervisors *The panel will consist of PhD supervisors
3.30pm H1B13 Networking Activities

Faculty of Science Induction

This induction, by the Faculty of Science for its postgraduate students, is scheduled for 2 October 2018 at 10am – 1pm in Postgraduate Training Room (H1B13).

Research Boot Camp

This is an intensive programme of courses, from the Researcher Development Programme (RDP) module, that are designed to get your PhD off to a flying start. The programme will take place in H1B13 with details as follows:

Date Time Course
2 October 2018 2pm – 4pm Nature of the PhD and the Supervision Process
3 October 2018 10am – 12noon Planning Research and Time Management
3 October 2018 2pm – 4pm Philosophy of Science
4 October 2018 10am – 12noon Creative Thinking
4 October 2018 2pm – 4pm Introduction to Development Needs Analysis
5 October 2018 10am – 5pm How to be an Effective Researcher
8 October 2018 10am – 12noon Getting into the Habit of Writing

Upcoming Events

Call for Entries: Images of Postgraduate Experience Photography Competition

All postgraduate students are invited to capture their life outside their immediate postgraduate studies with a single photographic image that they have taken themselves, accompanied by a caption that articulates how the image relates to a theme. The competition is open to all postgraduate students.

The theme this year is ‘Motivation’. More details will be made available on our Facebook page and blog in due course.

Invitation: Coffee and Cake Session #6

This is a platform for postgraduate students to temporarily get away from their routine and meet up with one another whilst enjoying coffee and cakes.

The upcoming session is scheduled for 26 October 2018 at 3pm – 4pm in Postgraduate Social Space (H1B14).

For any queries, please email us at

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