July 29, 2019, by Lisa Chin

Grant Writing Workshop

How to write a successful grant proposal for fundamental research?

This was the question we delved into during the Grant Writing workshop held on 23 July 2019.  The workshop was divided into two sessions to accommodate the different academic domains. It was aimed at educating, guiding and helping researchers in writing grant proposals for the Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS).

In collaboration with the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, the morning session was aimed at researchers from the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FOSE). This session was delivered by Professor Dr Norhamidi Muhammad from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) who has extensive experience as the Head of Panel for the Engineering cluster at the ministry level.

(From left) Professor Dr Norhamidi Muhammad and Professor Sivakumar Manickam, Associate Dean of Research and Knowledge Exchange for Faculty of Science and Engineering.

On the other hand, the afternoon session was aimed at researchers from the Faculty of Arts and Social Science (FASS). This session was delivered by Professor Dr Murali Raman from Multimedia University (MMU) who has a wealth of knowledge in writing and evaluating FRGS grant proposals.

(From left) Professor Dr Murali Raman and Professor Deborah Hall, Vice Provost of Research and Knowledge Exchange.

Key notes

Some of the key notes derived from both sessions are encapsulated below.

  • Researchers must ensure their research titles meet the basic concept of fundamental requirement.

  • Research proposals must reflect the impact on society and is closely related to the research clusters focused by the Ministry of Education Malaysia, in line with the national aspirations.

  • A good quality research proposal should have an informative title, a convincing executive summary, a clear problem statement, a good selection of research methods, a realistic and reasonable budget.

Grant Writing workshop

Thank you 

We would like to once again express our utmost appreciation to Professor Dr Morhamidi Muhammad and Professor Dr Murali Raman for sharing their valuable insights and experiences. Special thanks to Professor Maniam Kaliannan and Ir Dr Show Pau Loke for establishing the contacts.

We hope that the guidance shared in the workshop leads to better quality proposals and subsequently an increased rate of successful applications in the next FRGS call. All the best!

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