August 14, 2019, by Lisa Chin

How to be an International Researcher

What are the key factors to be a successful researcher?

This was the question we delved into during the final session of the Researcher Workshop Series entitled How to be an International Researcher, held on 1 August 2019.

In this 3-hour session, Professor Dominic Foo shared tips and traits to becoming an international researcher. Professor Foo introduced the seven keys to establishing a successful research career in academia. These key points were developed based on own experiences by Professor Foo together with one of his research collaborators, Professor Raymond Tan from De La Salle University, Philippines.

Apart from the nuts and bolts of research management, Professor Foo also covered the topics of goal-setting and plan-strategising towards becoming an internationally recognised researcher. In addition, Professor Foo shared success stories of other established researchers. Through it, he hoped the attendees can learn from the experiences and further draw inspirations in building their own successful research career in academia.

As an early career researcher, this session gave me a heads-up on what it takes to have a successful research career,” quoted from one of the attendees.

We would like to once again express our appreciation to Professor Dominic Foo for sharing his valuable insights and experiences. We hope that the information and guidance shared in the session is beneficial for the continuous development of researchers on campus, in particular early career researchers.

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