August 29, 2019, by Lisa Chin

Graduate School Bulletin, September 2019

Issue 06/19 (18)

This bulletin provides monthly updates on upcoming events and activities by the Graduate School.

Training Courses & Workshops

Postgraduate Student Teachers (PST) Programme

We are offering the following PST courses in September 2019. These course are open to postgraduate students.




23 September 2019

10am – 12.30pm

Preparing to Teach in Higher Education

24 September 2019

10am – 12.30pm

Demonstrating in Lab Practicals

25 September 2019

10am – 12.30pm

Health sand Safety

25 September 2019

2pm – 4.30pm

Lecturing for Learning

26 September 2019

10am – 12.30pm

Marking and Assessment

27 September 2019

10am – 12.30pm

Small Group Teaching

To register, please click on the course title. This will direct you to our Moodle page where you can log in using your University credentials.

Research and Academic Development (RAD)

We are also offering the following RAD workshops in September 2019. These workshops are open to academic staff.




4 September 2019

10am – 12noon

Networking: Creating a Credible Personal Impact

This workshop will focus on increasing your personal impact through citations and social media. The workshop will largely draw on the personal experiences of the presenter, who will also be happy to learn from the course delegates, as much as he will relate his own experiences.

4 September 2019

2pm – 5pm

A Rough Guide to Research Supervision at UNM

This session provides a broad overview of the main elements of research supervision with a particular focus to University of Nottingham requirements and best practices. The session is designed to be interactive and promote discussions between the participants and conveners.

Heads of School/Department, active research supervisors as well as newly appointed academics who have yet to supervise a research student are encouraged to attend the session.

To register, please click on the workshop title. This will direct you to our Moodle page where you can log in using your University credentials.

Upcoming Events

Coffee & Cake Session

This is a platform for postgraduates to get together and mingle among themselves. It aims to connect postgraduates with one another in a relaxing and comfortable environment.

Postgraduates may take this opportunity to temporarily get away from their work and catch-up with fellow postgraduates before returning to their routine with a fresh mind.

The next session is scheduled for 27 September 2019 at 3pm to 4pm in H1B14.

Postgraduate Welcome Programme

This programme aims to introduce the scope of the Graduate School to the postgraduate community on campus, in terms on support and development opportunities. It is a good opportunity for new postgraduates to assimilate into the postgraduate community and hit the ground running, socially and academically.

The programme is scheduled for 30 September 2019 at 9.30am in H1B13.

Contact us

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