September 4, 2020, by Lisa Chin

Introduction to the Code of Research Conduct and Research Ethics

This post is written by Dr Tissa Chandesa, Research Training Development Manager at the Graduate School.

University of Nottingham released a new version of Code of Research Conduct and Research Ethics on 25 June 2020. Click here for more details. In our continuous efforts to raise awareness of the new version, Dr Soma Mitra (Associate Professor in the School of Biosciences & Chair of the Science and Engineering Research Ethics Committee at UNM) conducted a one-off workshop titled Introduction to the Code of Research Conduct and Research Ethics on 25 August 2020, aimed primarily at UNM research community.

The 1.5 hour session aimed: (1) to introduce researchers to the university’s Code of Research Conduct and Research Ethics; (2) to provide an overview of Research Integrity and what it entails. Additionally, the following learning outcomes was fulfilled during the session:

  • To gain an understanding of Researcher responsibility.

  • To gain an understanding of Research Ethics principles and good research conduct.

Over the duration of the session, Dr Mitra blended theory and practical quizzes to test the participants’ understanding of the university’s research ethics and integrity. A total of 36 participants attended the session. Below are some of their feedback of the session:

  • I know much more about research integrity and ethics

  • Tricky aspects of research ethics were clearly explained and demonstrated

  • Singapore statement on research integrity; US-Baltimore misconduct; the definition of human participants; the definition of research

  • Very well planned. It is also very interactive

  • Easy to follow, no technical issues

  • Keep continuing to be interactive to ensure the audience are engaged to the class

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