November 3, 2020, by Lisa Chin

Journal editorial

This post is written by Dr Tissa Chandesa, Research Training Development Manager at the Graduate School.

Publish or Perish is a very famous saying within the academia world. Continuously publishing your research work is vital to your survival within the academia world as well as an important part of your promotion in academia. On Wednesday 28 October 2020, Professor Steve Janssen gave a talk on Everything you always wanted to know about the publication process but were afraid to ask to our research community. A total of 50 attendees, ranging from postgraduate research students to early and mid-career researchers attended the session. Professor Janssen, who recently became a Professor of Psychology and promoted as the Head of School of Psychology has been working with UNM since May 2015. In his past 15 years, he has published 45 articles in Scopus-indexed journals.

During the two-hour interactive and informative session, Professor Janssen explained the steps of the publication process from choosing the journal to detailing the processes involved, should the manuscript be accepted. Professor Janssen also addressed the roles and goals of the people involved in the publication process as well as the practical issues (e.g. authorship, cover letter and nominating reviewers) involved. Professor Janssen also took time in between his delivery to answer questions by the attendees. Below are the learning outcomes addressed during the session:

  1. This workshop aims to provide postgraduate students and early career researchers with a better understanding of the organisational structure of scientific journals and the roles and goals of people and organisations involved in them.

  2. This workshop also aims to provide postgraduate students and early career researchers with a better understanding of the steps of the publication process from submission to acceptance.

  3. In addition, this workshop aims to provide postgraduate students and early career researchers with some advice regarding practical issues, such as authorship, cover letter, and nominating reviewers.

Below are some to the feedback received from the attendees:

  • The introduction on the publication process was clear, direct and easy to follow. The recommendations and advises given during this workshop would serve as guidelines and references for me in order to get publish in the future. The sharing on Prof Janssen’s experience as an associate editor and reviewers gave an insight on the publication process, difficulty of getting published, publication practices, process flow and time length in order to get published.

  • I have learnt more about article publishing.

  • Learning about publishing from an editor’s perspective.

  • Key is that Prof Janssen carefully highlighted the key processes of writing and publishing academic papers, and the difficulties that one may encounter along these processes, often with effective examples from real experience.

  • Very insightful and useful information for PGR students. Materials provided serve as strong reference points.

  • It’s brilliant!

  • The length of workshop is sufficient for the seminar – however if activities and discussion were to be included the length may need to be increased.

On behalf of Graduate School, I would like to once again thank Professor Janssen very much for his time, contribution, insight and sharing of his experience in regard to the above-mentioned topic. We hope the attendees will be able to put into practice some of the advice and best practices shared during the session.

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