March 1, 2021, by Lisa Chin

Online course: An introduction to Hearing Science

This post is advertised on behalf of Lauren V Hadley, Senior Research Fellow – UKRI Future Leader Fellow, School of Medicine, University of Nottingham (UoN). 

This online course is an introduction to hearing science, and is open to anybody across the UoN campuses who is interested (including people from within hearing science, but also those from any other related disciplines such as psychology, linguistics, imaging, or biosciences).

Introduction to Hearing Science

Online course starting 5th March 2021

The multidisciplinary Hearing Sciences department at the University of Nottingham includes research and clinical leaders in auditory science and hearing related disorders. Much of our work is relevant across disciplines: our experimental techniques are shared with psychology and neuroscience, our interests overlap with those of linguists, and our pathology work intersects with the focus of medics. Exploiting the recent move towards online teaching, we have put together an online course available to staff and students across such disciplines in UoN, drawing from our wealth of expertise to offer a broad introduction to hearing science. We hope that researchers across the university (from MSc onwards) will engage with and find inspiration from this course, to provide additional context for their own work. The course will include 10 one-hour lectures on Fridays 12.30-1.30 between March and May (provisional lecture list below). Note that there is no assessment in this course, but there will be links to relevant additional materials for each session to further your own exploration. Full attendance is recommended, but lectures can be attended individually. We look forward to welcoming you to the first session on 5th March!

    1. How the ear works

    2. The basics of auditory neuroscience

    3. Neuroimaging in auditory research

    4. The use of psychophysics for auditory research

    5. Speech and conversation

    6. Physiology of hearing loss and resultant pathologies

    7. Perceptual and psychosocial effects of hearing loss

    8. Hearing Aids: How they work, what they do, and what they don’t do

    9. Electrical stimulation by auditory implants

    10. Management of tinnitus and hyperacusis

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For any queries or more information, please contact Dr Lauren V Hadley.

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