March 5, 2013, by Yvonne Teoh

A Degree in Psychology Should be Everyone’s No. 1 Choice.

For me, I think the obvious answer is yes, yes it is.  I must admit when I meet (non-psychology) people for the first time I hate telling them what course I teach at University.  I always say straight away no, I can’t read your mind, just relax!  I do sometimes wish I could read people’s mind as that would be quite handy, other times I am quite pleased I can’t.

My decision to choice a career in research is something I hadn’t initially pictured myself doing.  Which I think is one of the great things about studying psychology, it opens a number of different career options compared to other types of degrees.  I originally wanted to become a clinical psychologist and the more I learnt about what the job would involve, I realised it wasn’t for me.

The reason I fell in love with doing research was because of a piece of coursework I did as part of my undergraduate degree.  I enjoyed it so much I asked if I could work with the member of staff if I could work with them over the summer months.  I was lucky to have him as my final year project supervisor and my PhD supervisor.  I owe my professor a very big thank you as it completely changed my life (cheers Professor Tony Sanford).

During my student days (undergraduate & postgraduate) I made lifelong friends and visited places I never thought I would see.  As a lecturer here at UNMC, I have proudly watched my students grow and learn.  I am consistently amazed by the high quality work they produce.  I hope when they also look back 5 years’ time from now, they will think they made an excellent choice in their degree program.

Dr Jess Price



Dr. Jess Price,
(Assistant Professor, School of Psychology, UNMC.)

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