February 26, 2018, by Lee Mei Kee

BMS Journal Club and 2018 New Year Gathering

The Department of Biomedical Sciences initiated the Journal Club a few years back, a bimonthly session where all postgraduate students and lecturers meet to share their knowledge and experience on scientific topics. The journal club takes the form of journal critique, where articles chosen by postgraduate students are reviewed and evaluated to identify the strengths and weaknesses. In each session, two selected postgraduate students will choose a scientific article related to their research area and present it to their peers and lecturers.

The journal club allows everyone to learn the fine art of scientific journal critique and more importantly, to develop logical and critical thinking skills which are essential in research. This activity helps the postgraduate students to discern what an ideal journal article looks like and ultimately helps them to see the ways of achieving this. Journal club also keeps the students and lecturers updated with recent advances in research worldwide and helps to refine their journal writing skills.

In each session of journal club, there will be dynamic discussion on the various elements in a research article and how could this be improved or better presented. In addition, the positive points identified from an article are highlighted for future use. This gathering of researchers, all with different expertise and years of research under their belts, makes it a treasure trove of knowledge and sets a platform where everyone can learn something new. The postgraduate students also get the opportunity to hone their presentation skills, share the hurdles they experience during their research and get valuable advice from the lecturers.

On 17 January 2018, the first journal club of year 2018 was held and this followed by a New Year celebration lunch. The PhD students and lecturers welcomed the New Year together during a casual get together lunch with fun dialogue and good food.

First presenter Lee Mei Kee (4th year PhD candidate) was giving a summary of the paper she chose.

Second presenter Shaiful Adzni Bin Sharifudin (2nd year PhD candidate) was analyzing the results section of his chosen paper.

The Head of School, Prof Ting Kang Nee, welcomed the new PhD students and staff and introduced them to everyone. The postgraduate admission tutor, Dr Pung Yuh-Fen, took the opportunity to clarify and announce crucial postgraduate rules and regulations. The journal club sessions, followed by casual and fun gatherings, give the postgraduate students and the lecturers time to mingle and unwind from their hectic schedules. The future plans will be a potluck lunch where everyone can bring their specialty dish and share it among their peers and colleagues.

Lecturers and postgraduate students enjoyed the food during lunch break and powered up for the upcoming presentations.

Photo session commemorating the New Year’s gathering with all postgraduate students and lecturers of the Department of Biomedical Sciences.

Article by: Anusha Devi Nawoor (PhD student)


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