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Summer Intern Farewell Lunch

The end of the 2017 summer holidays also meant the end of another successful year for the Summer Internship Programme organised by the Careers Advisory Service (CAS) office. It was the time for all students who took part in the programme to gather and give short presentations on their three-month journey, not only to share their experiences but also to reflect on them. To facilitate the gathering, a farewell lunch for the interns was organised and held at the CAS office on 23 August.

An invite to the gathering was also extended to all supervisors of the interns, where they would also be able to join in on the reflections of their intern’s journey. The interns presented their internship journey in various departments of academic and administrative nature that included Faculty of Science (FoS), Faculty of Engineering (FoE), Corporate Marketing, and Careers Advisory Service (CAS).

The presentations started off with one of the interns from FoE. Chris enthused about his experience working in the engineering facilities, where he was responsible for creating tutorial videos on complicated engineering machinery and equipment for future engineering students who may need guidance. He also reflected on the difficulty of completing a seemingly easy task when in actuality, it took large amounts of effort to do so.

The other interns also followed suit, facilitating insights into their experience with videos and slideshows. Supervisors were thanked for their time and effort spent in mentoring their interns with patience and understanding.

While some interns expressed similar experiences, there were others who had distinctly different experiences. An intern from the Faculty of Science shared that he had the pleasure of experimenting on worms for three months. Victor explained that the worms that had very similar genetic blueprints to humans could potentially have many functions that included medical trials.

“I am thankful to not only CAS but also the University for giving me the chance to participate in a fruitful and meaningful summer internship as it has granted me the opportunity to experience for myself what it was like to work in a laboratory environment, resulting in my achievement of valuable experience – experience that will most likely help me in my future endeavours,” said Victor.

The intern from Corporate Marketing and Careers Advisory Service (CAS) also said that the experience as an intern allowed them to have a “taster” of the type of jobs they were interested in for the future.

“It was a valuable experience for me because, through this journey, I was able to gain a better understanding of the real work environment. I also felt that the involvement with the Summer Internship Programme helped me to increase my confidence and quality of work that will definitely benefit me in my future endeavours,” said Mei Ling, the intern from CAS.

Farewell lunch group photo

The gathering concluded with lunch and light-hearted chatter, where more internship experiences that were not mentioned during the individual presentations were brought up. The end of the Summer Internship Programme concluded not only with the gained positive working experience of the interns, but also friendships that would seemingly endure beyond the summer internships.


– Haggai

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