July 16, 2021, by Susan Lim

School of Education Graduation Awards Night

Two of us were proud graduands at the School of Education’s (SoE) annual Awards and Graduation Night which was held on Saturday 3 July.

It was an apt theme of Masquerade which the organising team was inspired to include to put a fresh and celebration mode on the medical masks we have grown accustomed to wearing especially in Malaysia where the usage of face mask is mandatory in public places.

The virtual ceremony was attended by both staff, graduands, and the amazing organising team who were mainly year one BEd (Hons) Education students led by Tan Jit See (Luna).

We were told that it was an SoE tradition, and that the ceremony was organised and hosted by a committee of Year One students and we couldn’t agree more that they did a fantastic job.

The awards ceremony kicked off with a speech by the Interim Head of School of Education Dr Too Wei Keong followed by a speech by the event sponsor, D’Life Sdn Bhd, and its founder, Sharon Chang, as the guest of honour.

The event was an unfolding of various performances by talented students and one by an academic Dr Chai Xun Yu.

We were not exactly sure which was more inspiring the array of talents or the fact that the team could pull off such an enjoyable evening for graduands and award winners. Nevertheless, we are grateful for their kind efforts to celebrate a milestone in our lives, graduation, and awards that were clinched by staff and students.

We may seem disillusioned that the pandemic has been all gloom, but it is really hard to stay in that mindset. We attended an event which witnessed the achievements of staff and students who have gone on to do great things and was recognised by the School with awards and also the end of student journey for 42 graduands from the School.


Award recipients for the Academics categories are Dr Adrian Jarvis and ProfessorTony Bush for Outstanding Supervisor and Mentorship Award; Dr Wong Tze Peng for Lecturer of the Year; Dr Lee Kean Wah for Most Innovative Award; Dr Michael David Hall for Most Engaging Award; Dr Csaba Zoltan Szabo for Most Inspiring Award; Dr Chai Xun Yu for Most Talented Award; Dr Chu Shi Wei for Kindness Award; Dr Wong Tze Peng for The Demystifier Award; Dr Alberto Luis August for The Energizer Award; Dr Rozilini Mary Fernandez-Chung for The 99% Perspiration Award; Dr Too Wei Keong for The Leader-like Award and Dr Gurcharan Singh Bishen Singh for Technology Whiz Award.

For the Student category, the recipients of the awards are as follows:

Bong Wei Le Jeremy for Most Outstanding Year One; Ng Shuet Yee (Sabrina) for Most Outstanding  Year Two; Jessica McLaughlin for Most Outstanding  Year Three;  Lee Sheen Yee for  Most Outstanding  Year; Bernice Han Ziao En for Most Outstanding  Postgraduate; Chee Zia Wei for Most Outstanding Research Project; Bong Wei Le Jeremy for Most Enthusiastic Award Year One; Ku Le Yi (Joy) for Most Enthusiastic Award Year Two;  Geerthanaa A/P Santhiran for Most Enthusiastic Award Year Three; Lee Sheen Yee for Most Enthusiastic Award Year; Wong Chien Chien for Most Helpful Award Year One; Masyitah Binti Mohd Yusof for Most Helpful Award Year Two; Jessica McLaughlin for Most Helpful Award Year Three; Lee Jia Yi (Rachel) for Most Helpful Award Year Four; Tan Jit See (Luna) and Jasmin Wee Shiang Ning for Active Participation Year One; Ng Shuet Yee (Sabrina) and Mohamad Hasan Al-Akraa for Active Participation Year Two;  Arathi Jane Reddy and Nur Aimi Farhani Binti Mohamad Ramzan for Active Participation Year Three and Lee Jia Yi (Rachel) and Lydia Lee Huey Peng for Active Participation Year Four.

Please join us in extending a big thank you to the organising team: Tan Jit See (Luna), Sabrina Ng, Jeremy Bong, Jasmin Wee, Kim Myeongsoo, Anis Chulan. Ho Xian Bin

Calvin Leong, Zhu Wan Lin, Lim Shu Hui (Mellanie), Wong Chien Chien, Tey Jing Rong (Joey) and Wang Yifan.

Written by Josephine Dionisappu (MA) Educational Leadership & Management and Fathima Shamra Mohamed Rifai (PG Certificate) in TESOL.

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