October 1, 2021, by Susan Lim

Introduction: New Student Writer

Some of you may already know Dr Yap Kian Lim. He is a civil engineering graduate and an alumnus. He is also one of our recent graduates, having graduated in August 2021 with a PhD in civil engineering.

He joined us on 8 September, replacing Fathima Shamra Mohamed Rifai (Shamra), who had moved to write a final dissertation in her master’s programme.

As a student, Kian was very active on campus through his experience in Student Association and Faculty Research student committees. He also organised continuing professional development programmes for his fellow Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE ) members.

Receiving a certificate for his contribution and valuable services to the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FOSE) from Professor Sivakumar Manickam, Associate Dean for Research and Knowledge Exchange FOSE, as the Chairperson for the Science and Engineering Postgraduate Students’ Council (SEPSC) Committee 18/19.

“I am excited about this new journey and am hopeful that I will gain some invaluable experience that will be beneficial in my future,” Kian said.

“We are equally enthusiastic about having Kian in our small team. He initially joined the university as an undergraduate student and worked his way up into his PhD, and now he is supporting us with some writing assignments. And one of the joys of working in the university is to see students progress and grow first-hand,” said UNM PR and Communications Manager Josephine Dionisappu.

Kian also encouraged students to be willing to venture out of their fields and comfort zone and learn from leaders who are experts in their field and their new colleagues.

Students and staff are encouraged to reach out to him with their announcements, stories and updates related to students.

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