October 21, 2022, by Communications

The Merdeka Lectures 2022: FOSE – Four Amazing Sessions

Four FOSE lectures were held between 18 August and 14 September 2022 with over 500 participants from 10 schools in attendance.

Here’s a closer look at what happened during the Merdeka Lectures 2022:


The Luck of (Genetic) Draw, 18 August 2022

Presented by Dr Then Sue-Mian, Dr Ho Weang Kee and Dr Eunice Ngai, the first lecture covered the secret of genes and how to predict the outcome of the genetic lottery using Mathematics.

The highlight of this lecture was the banana DNA extraction experiment that made it possible to observe the DNA spool and confirm the presence of the invisible DNA that determines who we are.


3D Print your Future, 25 August 2022

The second lecture was about 3D printing. In this lecture, Dr Ng Kok Weng, Dr Thamil Vaani and Dr Georgina Elizabeth Marsh introduced the core aspects of 3D Printing to students from visiting schools.

This lecture included demonstrations of the CAD modelling that transforms a sketch into a digital model and the 3D printer which can perceive the model and print it into a real product.


Why Did the Elephants Cross The Road?, 1 September 2022

Conducted in conjunction with the Management and Ecology of Malaysian Elephants (MEME) the third lecture, Why Did The Elephants Cross The Road? was designed for animal lovers.

This lecture explored the importance of Asian elephants and their roles in the ecosystem. Dr Cedric Tan and Dr Wong Ee Phin shared how conservationists track and understand the behaviour of elephants in Malaysia.


How Far, How Fast?, 14 September 2022 

Dr Lau Phei Li and Jason Chia explained how fast a reaction can be done and how far it will stop by carrying out a series of experiments that introduced different chemical reactions and how these reaction rates can be affected by different factors.

Alongside the students’ eager participation in the yeast experiment design challenge, the amazement on every face in the hall was proof of their delight.

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