September 2, 2014, by Noor Syuhada

Farewell to UNMC Summer Interns

As the summer winds up, we bid farewell to 11 interns in the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus who spent their summer learning and experiencing strenuous and challenging tasks given by their supervisors. A summer internship closing and farewell lunch was carried out at the Career Advisory Service resource room on 28th August 2014 and, all the interns and the supervisors were welcomed honorably.

First of all, Ms. Alicia Ch’ng, Head of Career Advisory Office, was called upon to kick-off the event by introducing each of the careers advisory team members and a warm welcome speech to all supervisors, interns and invited guests. Later on, as a token of appreciation, letters of completion were presented by Ms. Alicia and Ms. Mavis Tsang, the Director of Student Experience, to each intern who had put all of their efforts into their hard works.

Thereon, all the interns had the opportunities to share each of their experience during the past three months of internship from 9th June until 29th August 2014. “Overall, it was an amazing experience which also help me develop discipline and professionalism,” said Maaz Ali Mohamed, an intern from faculty of engineering. “As a graduate from the University of Nottingham, I think I am fully equipped to explore the corporate world after finishing this internship,” he continued.

Rayhan Kalam Arshad, another interns from the faculty of engineering, expressed “I found the internship experience to be great. It was challenging in the aspect that we had to try some things that we didn’t have experience in (like website building) but it was a fun time learning all of it. I think the best part of my internship was that I had to coordinate and work with different departments, and as a result of that I have gotten to know some really wonderful people and had an awesome time doing it.”

Later on, supervisors expressed their views on the programme and their interns’ performances. Dr Chin Chiew Foan from the Faculty of Science remarkably admired her intern, Huynh Nogc Phuong Khanh, and said “She actually worked so hard that she became an inspiration to the others in the lab”. Another supervisor from the Research Training and Academic Development, Ms. Deepa Kumari, later commented that her intern, Syed Dur Abbas Razvi, had a great leadership skills and an ability to work independently. Ms. Chai Tzer from the faculty of management expounded her gratefulness afterwards, “First of all, I would like to give my utmost appreciation especially to the career advisory team members for the invitation. This is the first time that I have ever participated this kind of internship farewell lunchevent in this university and I am really looking forward for another summer internship program next year. Keep up the good work!

In the end, Ong Teck Kang, the co-organizer of the event, concluded the event by expressing his gratitude to everyone who has contributed to this event including Head of Career Advisory Service, Ms. Alicia and Director of Student Experience, Ms. Mavis.

The UNMC Summer Internship Programme was organised by Career Services Department at UNMC who provides students with career advice, direction, placement and maintain close links with potential employers. They can be contacted at

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