June 21, 2022, by Mei Kee Lee

Life as an International Student in MPharm

This article is written by Anas Samy Abdelhamed Abusikken, MPharm 2+2 Year 2 student (moving to Year 3). Read his Year 1 experience here: https://blogs.nottingham.edu.my/pharmacy/2021/08/20/3422/




I will keep this blog post short and sweet, complete opposite of what Year 2 was.

Jokes aside, after year 1 which was completely online, switching back to face-to-face was not an easy task. However, getting to experience labs, workshops, and professional practice classes back on campus was incredibly refreshing. As future pharmacists, having early direct contact with “patients” is crucial, that helped me realize counselling patients online and in real life are completely different.

To be completely transparent, there is no huge difference between blended and fully online learning since the lectures are still done the same way. Though, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Fully online was a bit more relaxed in time management, but it needed more dedication and motivation as there is no actual contact with the lecturers compared with blended learning.

As an international student from a completely different culture than Malaysia, it took some time to adjust to the country. After a while you get used to the country and it is always pleasant to experience different cultures. Another plus was finally getting to meet my classmates in person and making some new friends. The best experiences that I had in Malaysia was just meeting new people and travelling to see the different islands. One that stands out was Pulau Tioman, which was remarkable for someone who wants to clear their head.

Sexual Health and Pregnancy Module Bowtie Presentation DayMoving to Malaysia was an immense move especially since I did not know anyone here, it was as if I was shooting in the dark. With the shortest flight of 9 hours back to my hometown, it felt like I was a bit stranded at first. However, when you find the correct course in a high-ranking university, the move is worth it. When you get to meet people in the first few months it gets easier as almost everyone is willing to help each other out.

Hospital placement in Muar

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